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Move Fest 2021

8th festival of dance, movement and new circus

We will take you on a trip to the city landscape, landscape movement, body landscape and landscape creation . Come with us to explore your city, movement, body and creation in a way you don't know. We will take you to new places, for new experiences and new art forms. 

During the turn of September and October, we will revive Ostrava together with a unique combination of dance, circus, movement theater and music. We will start the festival in Studio G , which will be transformed into a moving Living Room for one evening Lukáš Karásk . Theater masks and furniture to you  reveals what's going on in your home when you leave for work.  


The second day of the festival, on Friday, October 1,  MOVE Fest goes public. The Slovak duo Andrej Štepita and Miriam Budzáková will take control of the premises of the Ostrava Main Railway Station with their  site-specific productions Passing / Station . They will reward those who travel ecologically with movement art and live music.


On Friday evening, you can be carried into the musical-visual landscape by the magical Crows in a unique combination of Holektiv, cellist Terezia Kovalová and the mysterious space of the former Ostravica-Textilia department store . The theme of the cycle of birth, life and extinction is a breathtaking issue in their presentation.


We recommend spending Saturday afternoon in the fresh air in Komenský sad with a group of students from the non-verbal and physical theater HAMU and JAMU. Since last autumn, they have been intensively researching the so-called vertical dance and its possible connection with the nature that surrounds us. Come discover some possible answers to the question "What are all trees ?".


But what if no nature existed anymore? The company PocketArt will take you through the Treatment of Remembering therapy on Saturday evening in the industrial area of Trojhalí in Ostrava - a therapy of remembering nature, which may have already been replaced by the artificial achievements of human society.


We have prepared fun for the little ones for Sunday afternoon. The performance Johnny & Jenny suitable for children from 5 years of age, performed by Jonathan Grandson and Michaela Stará , is grotesque, fun, magic and comics in one. And all this with non-traditional scenery of public toilets.  


At the end of the 8th MOVE Fest , Eliška Brtnická will take you to the places you climbed as a child with the site-specific performance Hang-Out . But this time without abraded knees.  

The accompanying program for those who want to participate actively also offers three workshops . Three days  Tectoparty  under the leadership  Zdenka Svíteková  offers non-traditional artistic sharing and creation in the dance studio and outdoors. Two days  "How not to burn in dance"  Slovak lecturer  Lukáš Bobalík  develops effective body coordination using dynamic balance. And if you are tempted to report, write and review dance, you can participate in project seminars  Dance and Performing Arts Criticism in Europe  and participate in a panel discussion between critics and dancers about and writing about alternative dance forms.


Join us in the landscape of MOVE Fest 2021 from September 29th. 

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