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Veronika Ghisi, Prokop Stepanek 



​SA 2/10 15:30

What are trees?  

The lungs of the world. The roots of the universe. Witnesses of history. Animal home. Children's climbing frames. The crown of nature. Fruit donors. Heat in the fireplace. Climate rangers. The sap of life.

#performance #motion #trees #circus #acrobatics #nature #verticalnitanec

Where to find us?
Veronika and Štěpán will show you in the video below:

Since the autumn of 2020, a group of students from the non-verbal and physical theaters of HAMU and JAMU have been intensively researching the so-called vertical or air dance.  

It is a relatively young discipline on the border between dance and circus, which violates the laws of gravity and opens up a new spectrum of movement possibilities for performers. With the help of climbing harnesses, the performers can move and dance at height.


After several months of research in various spaces and conditions, they decided to shift their attention to the natural environment. From a close relationship with nature, the idea was born to transfer air dance to the trees. They were seduced by their magical power.  

Performers: Veronika Ghisi, Prokop Stěpánek, Markéta Richterová, Haštal Hapka

Technical Support: Tomáš Kadlec

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