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Lukáš Bobalík

Recycling on the move


SA 2. 10. - NE 3. 10.

10:00 - 13:00

The workshop is based on the educational concept "Long-term sustainable development in dance" , which  focuses on the issue of training dancer training and the related topic of maintaining motivation for creation, performance and teaching.


The aim of the course is to develop a debate on the sustainability of a dance artist in the current scene, who is artistically passing from project to project. The workshop reflects Lukáš Bobalik's own experience of working as a freelancer without a solid background.  


Lukáš directs his artistic and educational activities to the development and support of a healthy environment for the professional performance of the dance profession aimed at future professionals as well as established dancers, teachers and choreographers within the concept of long-term development in dance.

The intention is to talk about the increasingly topical problems of loss motivation , the need for constant self-development , perseverance , trainings that are not part of art projects, but are an essential part of dance training, which, moreover, are deepening due to the pandemic.

The workshop appeals to prevention accidents and burnouts , fitness , or regular, efficient and creative training and overall mental training of dancers. The main intention is to open up the topic of the importance of continuously increasing the movement qualities of dancers, even outside of public performance.  

You can attend the workshop:

  • only one day for 450 CZK adult / 400 CZK student,

  • or on Saturday and Sunday for a discounted price of CZK 800 adult / CZK 700 student.

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