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Andrej Stepita and Miriam Budzáková

Passing / Station


​FRI 1/10 16:00 and 18:00

Places we don't normally stop at. Places we just walk through. Places that are just temporary stations. And this is where we all meet. Regardless of social, generational, national, ideological or religious differences. Places full of movement. Just stop. 

"Passing" is a series of outputs from the creative research of Andrej Štepita and Miriam Budzáková, which take place directly in the vestibules of train stations.

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Creation and performance:  Andrej Štepita and Miriam Budzáková


Music: Hannes Schöggl


Visual: Lucia Budzáková  

Andrej Štepita is a graduate of the master's study at the Department of Dance at the Academy of Performing Arts. He is currently participating in the annual intensive program at SEAD - Salzburg experimental academy of dance. As a performer and co-creator, he is active in several productions, especially within the domestic civic association MimoOs, but also various other domestic and foreign projects.


Miriam Budzáková is a graduate of the dance department of the JL Bell Conservatory in Banská Bystrica, she spent two years studying dance theater and performance at the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague, during which she participated in the Erasmus + program in Stavanger, Norway. He is currently studying at SEAD (Salzburg Experimental Academy of Dance). It is also part of several international projects.  


Hannes Schöggl to win several first prizes in the Austrian youth music competition "Prima la Musica". The concert tour took him to China, India, Spain, Italy, Germany, Serbia, Hungary and other European countries. He regularly performs as a percussion and marimba soloist and made his debut at the Wiener Musikverein in 2017. In 2016, he won first prize in the marimba category at "Drumsfest Russia" in Moscow. As a duo with organist Prof. He performs regularly with Manfred Tausch and in 2014 released his first CD.

He supported the Arts Support Fund from public sources. 

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