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We are proud to join the site-specific band of performances, music, dance, screenings and installations PODCHOD , which will take place on Thursday 12th and Friday 13th May in a unique space  subway  under the Frýdlant bridges. With the Slovak association Spolka  and his urban workshop, you can get to know this neglected place from a new angle  view!

This workshop is a practical exercise for all who are interested in understanding the environment in which they live . He highlights the themes that resonate in the collective of the Association , but also in the minds of many residents of today's cities. Experts from  Associations  have been focusing on involving the public in the collective creation of our cities for years and perceive it as a conversation. Therefore, the workshops are designed as an educational interview in a group of people. The more diverse this group is (especially in terms of culture and professionalism)  background),   the more interesting the results we can  to expect . Therefore _  don't worry  and  log in  se :)

You can join Collective Planning as:

  • workshop participant by logging in  here

  • spectator of the performative output from the workshop, which will take place on Thursday, May 12 from 19:00 in Podchod

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