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Carcinogenic romance

TITS a  The Studio Rubín


The company TITS was originally supposed to come to Ostrava with its performance The Cult Of Busy. Due to unexpected complications  however, they will bring their newer one to us  piece Tumor: Carcinogenic romance. We believe that you will forgive us this change and you will also enjoy this great spectacle of Nella Kornetová. 

Can we love something that tries to kill us?

Combine movement, visuality and word. Then add cancer - in its somatic, mental, social and spiritual form. Does every time have a disease? What is rampant in us and our society? What phenomena resemble her suspiciously? Is it possible to love something that can kill us?

Tumor: A carcinogenic romance under the slogan: "You're here. And that's the way it is. ”Shows those who imagined it could happen. And suddenly it's here. And there's nothing you can do about it. Or? The co-production of the international group TITS and A of the Rubín studio represents everything - from timid growth through finding symbiosis to painful detachment. Sometimes he complements everything with the necessary humor, sometimes he reveals everything down to the most painful truth. But he still speaks openly about what we ourselves sometimes often talk badly about.

What is written about Tumor?

About the project

Author: TITS

Text: Dagmar Radová & TITS

Concept & direction: Nela H. Kornetová

Dramaturgy: Dagmar Radová and Lucie Ferenzová

Scenography & video: Jan Hajdelak Husták

Music & sound: Ondřej Sifon Anděra

Movement cooperation: Matthew Rogers

Acknowledgments: Lærke Grøntved

Starring: Nela H. Kornetová & Jaro Viňarský


Supported by:

A Studio Rubín,  Studio Alta,  Invalidity Initiative,  Next Wave, L1 association,  Visegrad Fund,  Fund for benefiting artists,  Artist's Life Foundation

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