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Zdenka  Brungot Svíteková



WE 29.9. - FRI 1.10.

Workshop program:

  • day 1 - WEDNESDAY 29.9.

    • 10:00 to 13:00 and 15:00 to 18:00

    • in a dance studio

    • entry into the body

  • day 2 - THURSDAY 30.9.

    • 10:00 - 17:30

    • outdoor trip

    • group work and solo 

    • landscape entry and layering

  • day 3 - FRIDAY 1.10.

    • 9:00 - 16:30

    • performative experience

    • preparation + implementation + harvesting

Workshop content:

  • movement research based on dialogue with geology and the movements of the earth - the body of the earth through the body of man

  • research and creation - when and how research is transformed into a creative process and the resulting art form

  • scoring, working with scores as a creator and / or performer


  • performative outdoor experience

The workshop is intended for:

  • students of dance, physical theater and performance

  • performers

  • creator

  • anyone interested in the body, movement, creative process, environment, ecology  


Workshop price:

  • 900 CZK for the whole experience

The common experience is focused on the discovery of the human body through the body of the Earth, its formations and transformations. We will visit different layers of the body, we will focus on the states or qualities of movement, forces and movement possibilities that are inspired by the internal movements of the Earth, its various components and the processes that shaped them.

This time will be an invitation to explore the personal stories that have made us who we are. First and foremost, it will be time to connect with your own body, time to move and a creative process. The seminar consists of movement and creativity-oriented meetings, during which we will use and create scores, so that at the end, everyone can create their own score, their own dance - a performative experience.

What is a performance, when and how does a performative act take place? Who is it for? This seminar will be about the relationship to the body, about the relationship to the place, about the knowledge that there is movement even at rest. It is intended for anyone who is interested in body and movement. To anyone who is interested in opening up space for a deeper understanding and connection with a certain place. Understanding also the body of the Earth, which created the environment and conditions for our existence.

The content and topic of the meeting is based on my research, which was born out of curiosity and interest in the geomorphological and tectonic reality of Slovakia. About its origin and the geological processes that this area went through. The geomorphology of Slovakia is very complex and complicated, it was shaped by complex geological processes and events that gave rise to the landscape as we know it today, and which is constantly changing before our eyes.

This research has been and is a fascinating journey in space and time, in the deep time of Earth's history. It affected my understanding of matter, dimensions, processes, space and time, but also the complexity of the seemingly simple question "what is it here?". To answer it, it is necessary to answer the question "where?" And when? "I see dance - and movement - as basic ways of experiencing life and existence in the world with all its complexities given by nature and human existence. I believe that our bodies have an inner intelligence that is the result of more than three billion years of evolution - from the moment the first cell was formed. Instead of gaining control over the body and the places we inhabit, we have the opportunity to develop ways to listen to them.

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