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Martin Talaga

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You don't solve anything, love yourself and most importantly, don't look for anything.

Martin's performance is about the body. To our body - maybe beautiful, maybe ugly. The dancers will introduce him to you to the limit. The dummy becomes the counterweight to the limits of the human body on the stage. Although it has perfect proportions, despite its ideal 90-60-90 it will remain just a cool piece of plastic without a soul.  

The SOMA performance will draw your attention to how we slowly transform into robots and forget what makes us human. But it is up to you whether you will look for a hidden message in the movements of Martin, dancers and involved Ostrava performers, or you will just look and enjoy the possibilities of the human body.

What do they write about Soma?

About the project

Choreography: Martin Talaga
Performers:  Eva Štěpandová,  Karolina Grygarova,  Eliška Jirsová,  Markéta Schacherlová,  Adéla Továrková,  Kamila Harvotová,  Marie Machačová,  Alena Dvorská,  Klára Macečková
Music: Myko
Lighting design: Karlos Šimek
Set design: Kateřina Soukupová
Photographs: Petr Kurečka, Michal Hančovský

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