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Martin Talaga

The location will be specified

Forget the constantly ringing phone, the never-ending list of unfulfilled tasks and the annoying boss. Martin Talaga will take you with a snap into an imaginary grove, where no one can blame you for just hanging out, lying in the grass, watching the sky and enjoying the trees. Fanus is a show about nothing. About nothing important. According to Martin, it's not even a show, but rather such a feeling.
To the simplicity and joy of our lives, Martin will guide you without a costume. Yes, he will just be naked. So give the children to your grandmother and come and enjoy yourself alone.

What do they write about Faun?

About the project

Choreography: Martin Talaga
Music: Claude Debussy
Lighting design: David Prokopič, Karlos Šimek

Photo: Petr Kurečka

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